Jennifer Seip, MA Individual, Couples & Sex Therapy

What Is Dating And Relationship Anxiety?

Dating and relationship anxiety can be very overwhelming. Individuals who are experiencing this feel like they can never have a healthy relationship or good romantic life. It is described as being chronically single, constantly being rejected, never being able to have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner, and having a hard time finding “the one.”


Symptoms Of Dating and Relationship Anxiety

  • loneliness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • unworthiness
  • unsure of self
  • frightened
  • hopelessness
  • distracted
  • burnt out
  • lethergy
  • stress


What Are Some Treatments For Dating And Relationship Anxiety?

  • Family Systems Therapy – A discussion of your previous relationships including family and romantic partners to find patterns and other challenges that could be plaguing you.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy – For people who are reaching out with feelings of loneliness and low self worth.
  • Sex Therapy – A discussion about sex
  • Solution Focused Therapy – To assist with any short-term issues and to help grow coping strategies.


How Do You Work With Clients Who Are Experiencing Dating And Relationship Anxiety?

When it comes to relationship anxiety, every person is different. The first step in therapy will always be getting to know one another so that I can gather enough information to help the client with their exact needs. We talk about previous romantic relationships as well as relationships with family members. Some days it’s enough to just talk about what happened during the week. Other days we discuss certain patterns the individual has that they would like to break. This therapy is open, warm, inviting, and safe. I am here to root for you and to help you through what is most stressful about your romantic life.